Our mantra:
Simplicity is beauty

Solving real problems

We see ourselves as problem solvers for our customers. It is important to us that we are not only providing software, but rather understand business needs and help to find an optimal solution from an technical and economical perspective.

Solid and forward-thinking solutions

Even though in our most jobs things have to be done quickly, we can guarantee solid and high-quality work thanks to our well-proven workflows in development and quality assurance.

Continuous learning and improvment.

To deliver innovative and high-quality solutions for our customers we pursue continuous learning and improvement of our skills, infrastructure and workflows.

Your contact persons

Sebastian Ereth

Executive director

+49 711 722 38 131

Julian Ereth

Executive director

+49 711 722 38 132

Jonathan Teske


+49 711 722 38 133

Max Heim

UI/UX Designer

+49 711 722 38 134

Harry Molnar


+49 711 722 38 135

Martin Dinkel


+49 711 722 38 136

Daniel Wanner


+49 711 722 38 137

Jerome Martin


+49 711 722 38 138

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Our goal

For our customers we strive for high-quality solutions with cutting-edge technologies that provide real value.

Julian Ereth, Executive Director