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Mobile Hybrid Apps with Ionic, Cordova and Angular

Augemented Reality Virtuelle Realität App Entwickler

Augmented Reality Apps - When virtual elements morph with reality

The digital era is inevitable comming: 'Augmented Reality' is in everyones mouth. The 'Extension of Reality' and the implication of smartphones merging with real objects. Many companies extend their product range in accordance, to give users new opportunities and to provide a unique experience at fairs.An augmented reality app offers user the ability to scan your products via smartphones and gather informations about them. Thats how you finaly link online and offline perfectly.

Augemented Reality with hybrid Aproach. Is that even possible?

As always, we follow a hybrid aproach. Thus the application will be implemented with common web technology like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and afterwards it will be compiled, with assistance of varying frameworks, for different target systems. That means for you, once developed, the application will be available on different systems(Android, iOS, Microsoft Mobile). Through this, the financial effort can be minimized and apps may be developed faster and more efficient. With the help of Frameworks like Cordova or Ionic we gain the additional ability to use device functions and integrate apps into a system without having a recognizeable difference to native apps.

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