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Digital Solutions for a Better Health

The digitalization offers potential to counter contemporary challenges in the health and nursing sector. The internet enables new forms of care and consultation for patients. Data from apps and wearables facilitate personalized treatment and aproaches on telemedicine bring health care to all parts of everyday life.

Case: Smart Medical Records


In the medical area there are tons of data and information. It can be challenging for patients and doctors to stay on top of things and have the right information at the right time.


The goal was to provide an easy and safe way to collect, store and provide medical data of patients. Therefore a mobile app should enable users to quickly gather data, e.g. radiographs or prescriptions, and store them in an encrypted way. Moreover, the app should provide a safe way to share data with selected trust users.


Next to an intuitve UI for an hybrid mobile app the project also contained a scalable backend that manages data. The data was encrypted with current industry standards (AES) and stored as binary objects to ensure that even the plattform provider does not have access to the data. Lastly, the app contains a sophisticated two-factor way to securely share data.

Used technology

UI/UX design with interactive prototypes
Hybrid App based on Ionic and ReactNative
Scalable Backend created with PHP
Cloud based Blob storage (S3)
Encryption according to current industry standards

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