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Secure and scalable Web Applications with Rust

rust rocket parallelisierung webanwendungen

Near-system programming with Rust

Rust is a relatively new programming language, wich was developed by Mozilla Research. Rust aims especially on secure code and the avoidance of errors. The language offers concepts, wich avoids most of the common mistakes directly.  Since Rust is close to the system, its extremely performant. Rust also is very well when creating high scalable concurrent applications. Rust is a multifunctional language. A framework like Rocket enables the application of Rust benefits in the web, to create high scalable and reliable APIs, for example.

We offer in the areas Ruby and Rocket:

  • Consultation concerning the building and structuring of Rust-Applications
  • Conception and implementation of Individual-Developments.
  • Problem-Solving and support in your Rust-Project.
  • Rust schooling and workshops

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