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Finances and Insurances in a Digital World

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Finance and Insurance: The need for a Balance between Stability and Innovation

Barely any other sector uses IT as long as the finance and the insurance sector does. Hence there are many stable processes and system landscapes. However, at the same time there is a new competition coming from firms with innovative new digital business models. Mobile apps or approaches on artificial intelligence hold potential to offer customers entirely new services and can lead to competitive advantages.

Case: Scalable Transaction API


The ongoing digitalization of the finance and insurance sector results in enormous amounts of data and transactions that needs to be processed, Therefore, scalability becomes a crucial factor for digital business models in this area.


A financial service provide wants to integrate a real time credit rating in his products. For this it is planned to track multiple interactions of the users in order to calculate a score at the end of the transaction. The system needs to be able to handle many contact points of a few thousand users in parallel.


The created system consists out of a highly scalable API that is based on the functional Elixir language. Moreover, the data is stored and processed in a Apache Kafka cluster that provides real time capabilities via message queuing. For the tracking part a custom JavaScript library was created. For horizontal scaling solution is completely dockerized and runs in a kubernetes cluster.

Used technology

Scalable APIs with Elxir
Realtime data management with Apache Kafka
Custom User Tracking with JavaScript

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