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Digitalization of Offices, Schools and other Public Facilities

No other area has such an impact for our everyday life like the public sector. The potential of digitalization has been proofed in the recent times of crises. Digital platforms enable a more efficient collaboration and mobile apps can optimize processes or ease the communication with citizens or other parties.

Case: Digital Plattform for additional Services of a School


Today's schools do not only provide traditional teaching, but also many additional services. The management and organization of these many additional courses and groups for many hundreds of students can be a challenge.


A private organization that runs many schools needed a software to plan and manage their additional services for their students. The goal was to provide a central platform to assign teachers and students in order to optimize the distribution. Moreover, the platform should provide a possibility to improve the communication between teachers, volunteers, parents, and students.


For the implementation, a web application was created that provides access for all stakeholders via an individual user administration. The application is responsive and can therefore be used on desktop PCs as well as tablets and smartphones. The solution is operated on a secure server of the school authority in order to meet special data protection requirements.

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