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The Digital Revolution in the Beauty and Lifestyle Sector

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Use Digital Experiences to bring together Offline and Online

Traditionally most beauty and lifestyle products are mainly offline. However, modern technologies can be used to combine offline and online features, e.g. augmented reality, and thereby provide a completely new user experience.

Case: Smart Product Labels with Augemented Reality


The price and quality of a product is not the only factor for sales in the beauty and lifestyle sector. Also the presentation is essential to convince customers. Digital technologies provide many new ways to improve the presentation and interaction in this area.


For a better presentation in the stores a large vendor of beauty and wellness products plans to use digital technologies in marketing. More precesily, the labels on the products should have a qr code that will lead to landing pages with additonal information. Moreover, augmented reality should be used to provide a immersive experience to the customer.


A mobile app covers the scan of the QR code and then presents the content in an appealing way. Moreover the app brings augmented reality that detects the products via defined markers and then integrate various 3D animations. For implementation we used the Wikitude AR-Framework. The marketing employees were also provided a headless cms that allows them to manage the animations and content and thereby add an arbirtrary number of new products.

Used technology

Hybride App with ReactNative
Augmented Reality with Wikitude
3D Modelling
Headless CMS for Content Management

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