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The entertainment sector changed in the last years like never before. Linear entertainment is getting replaced by omnipresent streaming and e-sports replaces traditional sports events. All these developments offer an enormus market potential and have one thing in common: a strong IT and software component.

Fallbeispiel: Online-Netzwerk für professionelle E-Sportler


The e-sports market in 2020 had a volume of roundabout 947 US dollars. And this is only covers direct revenues such as tickets, licenses or merchadising. Moreover, this market is growing from year to year and many big companies currently try to position their products and services.


The goal of the project is the creation of a large social network for the e-sports sector. Users should be able to talk about the latest trends and compete with their game results. Moreover, the platform should be able to display short clips recorded in video games.


The central access point for the social network is a mobile app which was develop in a hybrid manner for various plattforms. To also provide a stable access when user numbers are growing the backend was architectures with scalable microsoervices written in GoLang that are running on the platforms of various cloud venders.

Used technology

Hybride App built with Ionic
Scalable Backend that consists out of many microservices
PostgreSQL database for data management
DevOps & Cloud-Management to ensure stable operations

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