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The Automobile: More than a way of transportation

The lifecycle of modern vehicles is highly shaped by information and communcation technology. Beginning in the construction with Computer-Aided-Design software and a strongly automated production to modern vehicle assistance and entertainment systems or software solutions to support the maintenance and the after sales processes.

Case: Integrated Search in After Sales Data


A large part of the value in a life cycle of a vehicle is generated after the sale. Hence, even small optimizations in these processes can have major impacts on costs and efficiency. Accordingly, the potential for digital solutions in this area are enormous.


An important task in the everday job in workshops and gargages is the research for parts, manuals and other information. A easy to use search engine, like users are used to in the rest of the web, could speed up these processes and support end users in their work.


The project encompassed a simple UI that makes the usage of the search engine easy. Moreover, various technologies like customs scripts for data engineering and NoSQL databases were used to process the large amounts of data. Lastly, the search engine was provided as a scalable web service in an Kuberenetes cluster.

Used technology

Data Management with NoSQL Databases
Data Engineering with NodeJS & Python
API built with GoLang
Container Management with Kubernetes
DevOps with Jenkins
Web UI with Angular

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