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Rethink Supply Chains and create a entire new Shopping Experience

Today's processes in retail are heavily digitalized - from global shopping to real-time-tracking of the supply chain through sensor technology and gps trackers. These digital technologies can increase quality and speed of processes.

Case: Digitale Smart Stocktaking for Food Retailers


An up to date information about the current stoke and the needed reorders is essential in retail. Especially as more and more companies try to reduce the time and cost of storage. Digital technologies can help to stay on top of things and speed up processes.


The branches of a large food chain planned to provide a real time stock tracking. Therefore, a mobile app should help the employees to quickly gather and transfer stock data.


With an mobile app that was developed for specific Android-based handheld scanner the employees could quickly scan and collect stock data. The industry barcode scanner in the devices allowed the processing of many articles in a short time. The data was then synchronized with an SAP ERP system and send to an analytical database that allowed further OLAP analytics.

Used technology

Intuitive UI/UX design
Mobile App based on Flutter
Mobile Plugin for native support of the Handheld Scanner
Web API for SAP© ERP system
OLAP dashboard for further analytics

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