Pragmatic Apps donates the Material for a pair of Glasses for each Project

Everyone has the Right to see well

The Stuttgart based software company Pragmatic Apps has been involved in various social areas since it was founded. With immediate effect, the company supports the international organization “EinDollarBrille”. For each completed project, Pragmatic Apps donates the material for glasses on behalf of the client.

“To be able to see correctly is a natural thing for us, many people in the world are not so lucky. We are therefore very pleased about the cooperation with the EinDollarBrille association. With this small initiative, we can give people in need a piece of quality of life, ”says Managing Director Sebastian Ereth, explaining the new partnership.

According to a study by the World Health Organization WHO (2019), around 950 million people around the world suffer from rectifiable ametropia, but cannot afford conventional glasses and usually do not have access to optical care. The OneDollarGlasses consist of a light, flexible spring steel frame. It is made and sold by the local people themselves.

The aim of the non-profit association is to provide people in need with high-quality, inexpensive, robust and individually adapted glasses around the world and locally in each case. The OneDollarGlasses consist of an extremely light, flexible and stable spring steel frame. It is produced on site on a simple bending machine that does not require any electricity and can therefore also be used in poor rural regions in developing countries without any problems. The material costs for glasses are around 1 US dollar (including wire, glasses, shrink tubing and beads). The selling price is around two to three local daily wages for a simple worker. So everyone can afford the glasses in the future.

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