Food Donations for Animals in Need

We donate a Feed Portion for every Request.

The software company Pragmatic Apps is expanding its social commitment and is now also supporting the animal welfare organization VETO. For every request to our agency, the company based in Stuttgart, Munich and Zurich now donates a portion of feed. Thus, interested companies already make a small contribution to the welfare of needy animals with a project request.

'With this action we want to express our solidarity with the many committed animal rights activists in our country and around the world.'

Several members of our team have dogs of their own and bring them to the company on a regular basis. In VETO ( we found a trustworthy partner for the donations. The non-profit association of European animal welfare organizations has been campaigning for sustainable animal welfare in Europe for many years and uses the collected donations for direct aid through donations of feed, but also for charitable projects and educational public relations work on important animal welfare issues.

animal feed donations

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