Our joint Contribution to train Assistance Dogs

Donate to VITA e.V. for every follow-up order

Another important social commitment by Pragmatic Apps, this time for people and animals. The VITA e.V. for assistance dogs is a non-profit association that provides people with physical disabilities with an assistance dog and thus helps them to achieve more independence and quality of life. With every follow-up order given by our customers, the Pragmatic Apps team donates an amount to VITA e.V. for assistance dog training.

'We from Pragmatic Apps believe that we can live in a better society, in wich every human can be integrated, no matter wich handicaps an individual has.'

We also believe that everyone deserves a best friend on four paws. However, there are some of us who need it even more urgently. Training an assistance dog is a lengthy and costly process. The assistance and therapy dogs are later used in retirement and nursing homes, kindergartens and schools, facilities for physically and mentally handicapped children and adults. Some also help a child or adult in everyday life as an epilepsy warning dog, diabetes warning dog, LpF assistance dog, signal dog or service dog. With our joint donation we help people and at the same time give an animal a fulfilling life with a valuable task.

Take a look at the VITA teams at this link. Perhaps you will place another donation for one of these wonderful success stories.

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